way point

18°36’54.40″S , 56°15’56.97″W

How to get there

The closest cities is Corumba or Campo Grande – Mato Grosso do Sul – Brazil . You have to fly to Corumba or Campos Grande city with TAM www.tam.com.br or Trip Airlines www.voetrip.com.br or www.voegol.com.br.

The transportation cost from Corumba or Campo Grande to Fazenda 4 Cantos is under consultation. It takes about 12 hours to get there by 4×4 car. The trip to Fazenda 4 Cantos itself is an amazing sightseeing where you can see the animals, birds, alligators. Traveling inside the Pantanal. It is a pumping terrain road. Very nice adventure! There is an option to fly by a small Air Plane from Corumba or Campo Grande to Fazenda 4 Cantos. It is under consultation

There are options to take a bus from Campo Grande to the place called Buraco das Piranhas or Passo do Lontra. Our transportation can pick you up there.

The bus company that you can contact is Andorinha http://www.andorinha.com/sa/en

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